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Ocean Services

How will you obtain ocean freight rates? Go direct to carriers? Without volume to commit to a steamship line’s lanes of specialty, will you get the most competitive rates? And will using centralized customer service centers and basic website tracking be enough to provide the level of service that your customers require?

Go to NVOCCs? NVOCCs build buying power by moving as much cargo as possible through a few key steamship lines, so how do you know if you are getting the best possible rates of all carriers, or just of those with which your NVOCC signs volume contracts?

 Dakini International Logistics Inc. combines the best of both possibilities. By allying with a variety of carriers, each with their areas of expertise and cost-efficiency, we can offer you options for cost versus transit time, every time. By dedicating a customer service window for each of our valued clients, we provide you with “one-stop shopping” for your tracking and updates…your questions will be answered before you and your clients even ask them!

Air Services

Why ship air? “Because the cargo has to be there quickly” is almost always the answer, right? But does that mean that you have to pay a premium for the quick transit? With Dakini International Logistics, the answer is no.

As with ocean services, Dakini has allied with a variety of airlines and IACs to provide you, our valued client, with options for cost versus transit time, so you can best balance your needs for rapid movement and cost-containment.


In this era of global trade, the supply chain manager’s job is more challenging than ever. How do you manage your inbound and outbound cargo, plus traffic between countries thousands of miles from your home base? Easy…Dakini International Logistics seamlessly manages all traffic for our clients through our network of global partners – providing our clients with the same daily tracking and updates for their cross-trade as we do for imports and exports.

Contact us for a rate and service proposal at sales@dakini-intl.com
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